Antufen Seeds has its own fields strategically located in the most productive and proper agricultural areas to grow our varied species throughout the country.  The aim of this diversity in locations and variety in species is to have enough flexibility to meet multiple requirements demanded by our customers.


  • Department of Pathology

    Field activities related with seed production are highly supported by the pathology laboratory owned by Uwafen Seeds. This high quality and technical laboratory is engaged in the testing of plant and seed samples with the aim of detecting in advance any eventual seed borne viruses, bacteria and fungi. Elisa tests, hyper sensibility, pathogenicity tests on hosts, as well as differential and selective media pathogen growth tests are customary and periodically taken in our laboratory. To confirm final seed quality, germination tests, physical purity and weed screening performed in accordance to ISTA and AOSA guidelines are normal procedures within the working schedule.
    All these processes are managed by a PH.D Pathologist.


  • Germination and Physical Purity

    Germination and Physical Purity Tests to seeds are conducted to every seed lot. These seeds quality characteristics tests are carried out following the ISTA protocols and in compliance with AOSA regulations and methods.