Production Servicing

Uwafen Seeds has distributed its productions in the most fertile and productive soils of central Chile, San Clemente, Talca. The weather condition of this valley characterized by  rainless and template summers, as well as the continuous availability of water and hand labor supply have placed this zone as the best conditioned for the corn seed production. Selection and contracting of corn growers is based upon their cropping experience and the isolation condition of their farms ensuring though high  potential yields and the best quality seeds in terms of physical and genetic purity  

Our production Team is joined by several skilled and competitive  agronomists who supervise, control and manage the production process in all its stages. They are responsible  not only for educating the growers in the best agricultural practices but also for  assuring the compliance of them; they are also in care of recording and documenting every and each activity developed within this process with the purpose of making a clear and accurate traceability of the crop.

Quality control stands as one of Uwafen Seeds’s  main concerns. For this reason, we count with a vast experienced quality control Team who perform specialized and accurate tasks such as rouging, detasseling, silk and pollen counting throughout the flowering period.

Best practiced production services provided by Uwafen Seeds include basic seed increases, hand pollination increases and commercial productions among others.

Some of the services offered by UWAFEN are

Comercial Productions

Increments Basic Seed

Hand pollinations